My Passion

April 26, 2009
By Kadie BRONZE, Otsego, Minnesota
Kadie BRONZE, Otsego, Minnesota
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After hours of searching (Maybe just five minutes)
I come upon white shoes
with little red cletes.

They smell like rotten eggs
mixed with two year old garbage
but I love them.

I find plastic guards
for my easily bruising

I slip on the guard
and strap it behind my calf.

It smells no better than the shoes.

I stomp on my shoes
while dust flys throught the air.
It kind of makes me gag.

The ball has no air in it
it looks sad and depressed.

It's hot out
and hot.
And it's hot.
Very hot.

But that's okay.
Because soccer is starting.
And I love it.

The way the grass feels when you fall.
The way your teammates play.
The way that we all get along
for the summer.
The laughs.
The nights that we don't listen to coach.
The nights we play
no guards
hard ball.
but more fun.

The refs look scared when we play
I don't blame them.

Unfortunatly, I will not be playing with my team for a while.

I am injured.

The author's comments:
My name is Kadie. Right now I have something wrong with my knees. I haven't been able to run in 6 weeks. I was going to my first soccer practice, and I was excited about it, and then I remembered that I was not allowed to run until my I.T band heals.

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