April 26, 2009
By batmandarknite BRONZE, Columbia, Maryland
batmandarknite BRONZE, Columbia, Maryland
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All you hear is destruction coming from your voice
All you hear is eruption coming from your heart
All you hear is seduction coming from your explanation
All you see is you not wanting to be in this speculation

All you see is you drowning in the ocean of your own tears
All you see is you knowing that he won't appear
Your looking for the one who use to save you from the disasters
But in return, he had to be your master

When he tells you, you do, when he says go, you move
And when it is his fault, he just blames everything on you
All you see is you believing that it can't be true
When in the end he is someone you can't pursue

All you see is you in a never ending fall
He won't save you and he won't answer your help call
No branch to grab, no hand to help
Everything he had, can go to someone else

That is what he thinks, so you should get in his mind
Think as he would, there is no wasting time
Because every second goes by which gets closer to your obliteration
Your heart is like a bomb, when time ends your heart will be taken

By the explosion of a never ending pain which will make it break
You hate the image and struggle to awake
But finally, you wake up with sweat pouring from your face
You have finally realize, he is not worth the chase

Cast out the nightmares and be smart
No man is worth the destruction of your heart

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