You're the One for Me

April 26, 2009
By batmandarknite BRONZE, Columbia, Maryland
batmandarknite BRONZE, Columbia, Maryland
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Dreams drift in my mind, they continue for a long time
When I awake, images of you are left behind
Seems like there is no escaping your presence
Because every where I go, it feels like your the essence

I think of your appearance, and how your the magic of crowd
How you are a queen, and you deserve a crown
No challenges brought to the relationship
No need to figure out, what's in the mist of it

Because there's no bad weather, always sunny around us
You are the only true person I can trust
I stay up late at night, sitting in the dark
Staring at the clock, and it seems time doesn't want start

Or move, or maybe because you're the seconds of time
You speed up and slow the patience of the mind
And sunlight is so bright, your eyes show unlimited light
My darkness can't overcome, together we make the night

You make the stars and I have the rest of the sky
You light up the moon and I make the crescent line
You make the better days, you are the work of art
You create the stage, and you are the main part

All I believe, and all I need, is you
You create emotions that Cupid can't even pursue
I'm way past the love he gives, with you is where I want to be
From the beginning I figured out, you're the one for me

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