Never Wanna Say Goodbye

April 26, 2009
By Zemire BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
Zemire BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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We wait next to one another
Behind us are father and mother
You have the large green bag on your shoulder
Even with the teddy bear you gave me, I'm colder
I remember the day you gave it to me
It was for my birthday, I had just turned three
I will miss you
I whisper, hot tears glaze over my view
I'll be won't be long
His usually solid voice, cracks, while he tries to look strong
But the way tears form his own eyes I know that it could be a lie
The boarding lights come on, and I hear him sigh
I suddenly hate him, how dare he?
You said you'd never leave me, you'd always be there for me
I said hitting him, and weeping then slinking down to my knees,
I wrapping my arms his brown boots and tightly squeeze
I want you to stay,if you loved me you'd quit
knowing at this point I was overdoing it
He laughs and lifts me up and I look into his green eyes
He pulls me close and doesn't chastise
Pray for me when you go to sleep tonight
He shakes and hands me over to my father
My protector, my guardian, my brother walks away
I push away from father and run to him
I hold him securely as if I could keep him from Iraq
I speak quietly I'll be waiting for you to come back
I just never wanted to say goodbye
I pull away and smile
He laughs and winks I'll only be a little while
I let him walk away, silently giving him a secret reply
Never saying goodbye

The author's comments:
My Brother left me and at first I resented him, but I loved him all the more for risking everything to protect me and everyone else.

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