Midnight Desires

April 26, 2009
By Jessica Galvez BRONZE, Monroe, Connecticut
Jessica Galvez BRONZE, Monroe, Connecticut
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You were the stardust
And I was the moonlight
We had no purpose
Except in the midnight
We floated so brightly
Above in the wide violet sky

Sprinkled and sparkling
All on your own
you liked to compliment
How bright I shone
your endless expansive light
Kept me form feeling alone

Waxing and waning
The moon always changes
Even the starlight
Can't stop rearranges
But moon and sky sequins
Were still happy gravity
Kept them within close ranges

When we couldn't sleep in bed
We closed our eyes
You saw the moon
I could see my stars shine
But no matter how perfect
The nighttime may seem
You wake up and it was just
One sleepy dream
Of a singular moon
Stardust lighting the sky
Sit, take a deep breath
And let out a sigh
The daytime is here
But at nighttime
The stars will collide

The moon tells you truly --
Everything will be just fine.

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