Illuminating Amber

April 26, 2009
By ChristinaMichelle BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
ChristinaMichelle BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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Rays of milky white light
shine through the coral cracks
of the blinds.
Illuminating amber.

Crystals shine on the dew of her cheeks. Morning sun seeps
slowly into the room.

Tears evaporate in the hot air, escaping into the dust collected in the night.
A smile lights the room on fire.

Palms up. Tic tac toe on the skin. Rubbery covers hide the scars, never quite erasing them from
the past

Slow steady breaths fill the lungs anew. Summer breezes pick up the resentful dirt dust, removing it from the air. The earth around her glows setting off a certain light. New?

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