Crying on the Inside

April 25, 2009
By crazychick78 PLATINUM, Streetsboro, Ohio
crazychick78 PLATINUM, Streetsboro, Ohio
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Tears that fall from your eyes
Show that you’re still alive
In this crazy madness we call life
What happens when the well goes dry?

When the well dries up
Tears turn into fire
Burning the depths of your heart
Reality finally sinking into your head
Have no fears
Life is coming.

After your heart turns to ashes
You’re rebirth starts
It comes back stronger and better then ever before
For your depression has made you
Who you are today
The ability to make your setbacks
Something greater than what the eye can see
Makes the glass
More than half full.

Though this could be the end
Of all misery and suffering
Most of the time, it doesn’t go away
Your cry on the inside
Those are the tears that make you weak
And not able to move forward.

This may last weeks, months, years
The amazing thing is
That is doesn’t have to last even a minute
You have to choose to let it go.
Make the decision
Because crying on the inside
Is excruciating pain beyond measure
Choose to live life.
Be alive.

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