April 25, 2009
By Kaeli GOLD, Elmont, New York
Kaeli GOLD, Elmont, New York
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Love is powerful

It takes you away

Sometimes you want to leave it but you always stay
You find that one person

Who you are all about

You find someone who you want to know everything about
You try to fight the feelings

It’s just an obsession or so you say

When you love someone you can’t seem to stay away
You try to keep your distance

You just get closer

So if they are single you ask them out
They are just trying to forget you

But you still love them so

You are addicted to the love drug
You cry at night to yourself

You ask yourself “Why don’t they want me?”

Your friends don’t get what’s the matter
You say “I’m in love”

They say “You’re insane”

They don’t even get how you don’t know their name.
You try to deny it

You say “No chance no way”

You are just dying trying to find something to say.

If you blurt out I love you

You just run away

All the world wants to know how you can handle love
And when you just try to move on

You can only remember.

You start to believe
I can’t live without them

You think about how you are going to die

Then they come into your life and you think
I was foolish

I was young

I was stupid
And one last one

I was in love!

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