April 25, 2009
By Alexandra Johnson BRONZE, New Berlin, New York
Alexandra Johnson BRONZE, New Berlin, New York
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My humanity, so unreal to me
I can feel that.....but I don't want to
Can't I be devoid of it all a little longer?

Don't let me hear the Accursed heart beating in my ears
The drumming never so terrifying
Please, let me stare, placid, cold, for another day,
Another night

Don't shove me in the gaping void
filled with sickening humanity
I refuse.

I wouldn't like to fall...
Stop holding on
Leave me!
Why are you gone?

Desire driving us
Attempts at nothingness
I'm trying my best not to try

You're face won't move me, and it can't keep me here
So stop Pretending we can change to fit

Take it! Take the feeling
The euphoria we all crave.
The following aches.

I want nothing to do...with any of it.

Let my pupils grow
Dilate them 'till my eyes are hollow
Just holes....Empty

Inhuman is my greatest goal
But I don't have any such aspirations

Aware of slipping, showing Indifference
I will not plunge to death, for I still do not live
And that is the only acceptable way...

Steal my humanity, please, but let me Breathe

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