Here I am, Remembering the Sun

April 25, 2009
By mads04 SILVER, Frederick, Maryland
mads04 SILVER, Frederick, Maryland
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Feet covered, coated in mud
Running back and forth
On fields never ending
Here the air meets the sun meets my body
Here is my safe haven
Embracing me as I am
Who else would I be?

Here the pen reunites with the paper
And my mind flips over and backwards
Passion exploding
Here are my brain waves
Thoughts escaping like a runaway bride
Everything and nothing
At the same time

The stereo sounds at full blaze
Consuming the room
The crowd
And me
The chorus blasts through my core
Here is exhilaration
“I don’t ever want to leave”
My departure begins and ends
With the echo of their voices on my back

Here I see contentment
With those things once overrated
A skyline in the city
A walk in the park
Catching up with old friends
Exploring memories of the past
“What is happiness?”
Here is where it exists

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