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April 25, 2009
By naenae BRONZE, Ypsilanti, Michigan
naenae BRONZE, Ypsilanti, Michigan
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As I walk strides,
They just make snides.
As I run,
they’re just having fun.
As I get burned,
they just get mad about the hot sun.
As I walk miles which is cruel,
they just hold scorn on fuel.
As I cry for I’ve been tossed like a fry
they also cry but cant answer why
As I drink water it’s like eating a deadly worm,
they just complain about their college dorm.
As I swallow parasites,
they screech about an insect bite.
They get emotional about their prom,
I also get emotional I long for my mom.
I’m putting the key in the ignition,
for I am on a mission,
please help me cut on my engine.
Please help me say that it is true,
my smile is going to come from you.
Please give me water – oh lord I pray
I said please give me water, I want to stay.
Don’t let me go away its my dying wish,
I share water with more than just fish
Please put it in your will
please fulfill.

The author's comments:
Hi this is a poem I wrote,I am supposed to be African.

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