She's In Control............

April 25, 2009
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I think, talk, and comtemplate only on her
She's one of a kind n forever will be my dreamgirl
Not being able to c her literally eats at my insides
Daydreaming about her only brings tears to my eyes

My feelings for her are more than over bearing
I feel like a convicted felon at a trial hearing
She distorts n plays with my private property called emotion
All my hormones n feelings are moving in slow-motion

Im upset, angry, and most of all sick of her
But then she calls n I cant even stay mad at her
All walls, fronts, and guards are down for sure
Her smile, attention, and affection has become my only cure

I asked myself why does she got me feeling this way
I think 2 myself y cant I just take my mind off her 4 at least a day!
But the more I try to leave her the more I really want to stay
I love you and when can I see u is all I can ever say

Eventhough I m suppose to be strong n play the man's role
I can't help but to realize That She's In Control........

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