A Seasoned Rose

April 25, 2009
By Miss_Poison BRONZE, London, Other
Miss_Poison BRONZE, London, Other
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Beautiful and ethereal,
I remember the golden sun shining
On my rosy skin.
I once was exquisite and fragile,
As the breeze tickled my sun kissed
When I sat like a fairy queen,
Ruling the other flowers as children
Ran by, admiring my soft petals

Now winter rolls by,
Harsh rain filling me with dew drops.
Slowly my petals fall off,
Leaving me feeling hollow and empty
As mother nature steals my glory…

Soon enough I am forgotten,
My elegant petals trampled on,
Left to die in a whirl of ice…

Here I stay to rot,
Waiting for the cold void to disappear,
Waiting for the warmth to envelope around me.
And as minutes pass like seconds and hours minute,
My existence fades away along with the reality that had been wrapped around me.
And as nightfall approaches,
I fear I will never grasp warmth ever again…

The author's comments:
I wrote this in class in year six (I do not know what grade that equals to) so it was a few years ago. Constructive criticism works for me.

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