Lovers Lane

April 24, 2009
By manda94 BRONZE, Summerfield, North Carolina
manda94 BRONZE, Summerfield, North Carolina
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I walk with your hand in mine
You say all of your cheesy lines

You have me but yet your afraid That it will dissappear, this love we made

I laugh because your so very near
your laugh is the only thing I hear

When I look at you, all I can see
Are you eyes staring straight back at me

So let us just stroll down Lover's Lane
and let others call us crazy or insane

Because boy this love we have is so strong
I believe it will never go wrong

So if, my love, you have any worries
Ill kiss them away so they run and scurry

Just place your hand back in mine
And just keep saying all your chessy lines

The author's comments:
This is something I just wrote before going to bed and so I am sorry if there is anything wrong with the grammer, but yea I was just thinking bout some stuff so I hope everyone enjoys it!

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