My Halo

April 24, 2009
By Brittany. GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
Brittany. GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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My Halo has chipped curves. Crooked edges, smooth appeal, yet feels like spring grass instead of the keys of a piano.
My Halo isn’t as bright. It’s dim and grey. The gold and white light is always blending with the dark.
My Halo can be very clean sometimes. If anything I try not to get dirty.
My Halo wants to appear like my heart. It wants to show everything that my heart feels on the inside, like, passion, guilt, regret, love, but most of all, it tries to feel happiness. Because that doesn’t always come my way.
My Halo doesn’t have much of a dark side. Even so, it hides it underneath, where no one can see it. Well not unless they’re really looking.
My Halo has many cracks in it. From all the times my heart has been broken; appearing on this side and that. Some cracks have been mended back. Though the scars always remain.
My Halo has a bright side. Everyone can see it glow like fire flies. That’s the part everyone wants to see. And if it doesn’t show, they end up finding that dim light of sadness and sorrow.
My Halo isn’t perfect. Will God still accept it in his Kingdom? My Halo wont be as good as the Angel’s Halos.
Is it good enough?
I’m afraid to enter your gates with it. Its not my fault it looks this way. Look what life did to it. Its bent at this side. Cracked and chipped everywhere. Deeply scratched by family claws. My light is dimming down on this end. And at the bottom its dark and gloomy.
My Halo wants what my heart wants. Halo’s are not suppose to want what’s bad for me. I’m not ashamed of showing my Halo though. I see how its not as worse as many others.
My Halo has little poorly wiped away smudges of bad influential fingers on it. And its burned on one edge that bent out. Struggles that will always stay permanent.
My Halo’s butterflies that flutter around it are all sick. I take care of them in my dulcet voice. Wording them to health again. I’m not giving up.
My Halo, though it is chipped, crooked, dim, grey, bright, clean, dark, imperfect, cracked, scratched, smudged, and burned, it isn’t yet broken.
So, is my Halo acceptable for you Dear God?
I’m sure that if I stay in Heaven, it’ll be well kept, and I’ll even tend to it myself. Just for you.
My Halo.

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