Sisterly Love

April 24, 2009
By SummerDreamin BRONZE, Cartersville, Georgia
SummerDreamin BRONZE, Cartersville, Georgia
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She's my best friend
She's my playmate
My Love for her never dies
She's the one who's always tried hard
While I'm the whose never gave up
When I fell
When i cried
When I was hurt
She was here
When she broke her arm
When she got her first cut
I was there to wipe her tears
The bond we share shows our sisterly love

Bloodshed and tears that fell from our faces
Bruises and cuts
Fights and disputes
They've never put a strain
on our sisterly love

Thick and thin
Tears shed and pain felt
it all hurt, but having her around
meant always having a friend to lean on

Being there for each other
defending each other
And never giving up on the other
Can be described as only one thing:
Our Sisterly Love.

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