April 24, 2009
Sunshine fades into mixes of blue, purple, and red-
beautiful colors to represent the pain in the world.
Hidden by the false meanings of love and happiness;
fallen off rocky mountains into smooth valleys,
full of sharpened rocks piercing from below.
The sun beats down on the heavy skin
of those who wouldn't know problems if they struck them.
While the ice comes and falls on those who have never-
once in their lives been hugged or touched or loved.
The kisses fall from lying mouths onto mouths of firm believers.
The sinners get their ways and make it to peace,
while the fighters die in battle for what they believe in.
A mother loses her daughter for the murder of her husband,
when the husband betrayed her trust and loved the daughter,
way more than any father should.
The ones who do right always make it wrong.
The trusted get blamed and the liars get believed.
The ones who give their heart away and let their emotions show
don't get anything back but pain and tears;
written in poems full of scribbles and bolded letters,
left behind for their loved ones to see.
Not realizing that someone they thought they knew was nothing like that.
They love with all they have until it all falls apart,
into pieces of a puzzle lying on the floor of a non-believer;
for someone to maybe pick it up and finally glue it back together.
Is it worth it? All those I love yous, the sweet kisses, and loveable hugs.
Is he worth it? The beatings upon the heart and the tears he makes you cry.

Is anything in life worth it?

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