April 24, 2009
Tonight my eyes water
the ones you stare into for so many hours
filling my heart with warming memories
making a smile embrace my face.

Causing my heart to ache
to the thought of you not being by my side
to make it through the days of hell.
No one to turn too, no one who cares.

My heart races, skipping some beats
and the butterflies flutter
to the thought of your hand in mine
bound forever in our special way.

Only four years left till forever after;
it may seem far away
but as long as it ends with you
no amount of time can take me away.

The memories invade the space
lost between the bottom and top
of me wrapped in your arms
talking endless stories with giggles never fading.

You are the puzzle piece
that fits perfectly to me,
the key that opens my heart,
and the smile to my face.

You are just the love of my life.

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