Nothing Ever Remains The Same

April 24, 2009
Words coming from a friends mouth
a familiar face, one you've seen before.
Talking memories and goods time.
Procrasting the future
and just living in the past.

Emotions steer their way in;
fighting through the skin,
pushing through the bone,
ending in the heart...
where it stings the most.

Tears shed, words said,
terrible things happen when you try too hard.
Sometimes things aren't meant to be
and just aren't meant to be said
but hidden away for all eternity.

Days pass and forgiveness is shared
make up hugs and smiling faces-
everything back to the way it used to be.
Sitting in the same old place
laughing, tummys acheing.

Words coming from a strangers mouth
a familiar face, one you've seen before
but now you don't recognize anything.
Talking things you wish you knew
saying things you wish you could understand.

Nothing ever remains the same.

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