April 24, 2009
By Kea Cameron BRONZE, Plymouth, Minnesota
Kea Cameron BRONZE, Plymouth, Minnesota
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She looks at him, into his eyes,
But his, they look right past.
She wonders and she ponders why
His looks will never last.

They’re thrust together, side by side
But still she cannot tell,
If he’s just putting up with her,
Or he likes her as well.

In her mind, she sees his face –
Will they ever be?
She wants to let her heart run wild,
She wants to set it free.

Her feelings hidden deep inside,
She breathes aloud his name.
If he’d give her a second glance,
She’d never be the same.

She longs for his affection;
She longs to have his heart.
But when she sees him with that girl,
Inside she falls apart.

A dream in waking hours,
She lays awake at night.
So sure that they are meant to be,
So sure that they are right.

So unfeeling, time goes on,
She starts to realize,
That even now, she still can’t breathe,
When she looks in his eyes.

Forever will he own a place
Deep inside her soul,
That piece of her, that piece he has
Will make her never whole.

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