Lost in the Words

April 24, 2009
By Kea Cameron BRONZE, Plymouth, Minnesota
Kea Cameron BRONZE, Plymouth, Minnesota
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Will it be over just like that?
Are we really through?
You cannot just ignore the truth,
There once was me and you.

I’m so confused, I can’t decide,
My heart just feels so numb.
The truth is this – that you used me,
And now I just feel dumb.

I hate you ‘cause you hate me,
But if you change your mind,
You know I’m here, you’ll win me back,
My waiting heart you’ll find.

Another night I spend alone,
I wait for you to call.
I saw the end a long way off,
But did my best to stall.

I think I was just a distraction,
A stop along the way.
At every step, another guess –
I went on day-by-day.

I guess I just ignored the truth,
I closed my eyes to see,
That I was just a game to you –
You were no game to me.

Carbon copy, second page,
You’ve done this all before.
I’m sure I’m not the only girl
Whose open heart you tore.

My world’s a blur, the colors fade,
My thoughts will not unwind.
All sounds are dull, all voices weak
When you are on my mind.

These verses never-ending,
All words about the same.
Each stanza keeps on dragging on
Re-uttering your name.

Silence fills my empty head,
Ink on lines of blue,
For once my writing doesn’t help,
I can’t but think of you.

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