The Heart Will Play Its Games...

April 24, 2009
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She tried to stay away from him,
She knew it could not be,
But even though she tried so hard,
The end she could foresee.

So, hard and strong, and fast and far
Her heart began to run,
But harder, stronger, faster, farther,
He caught her and he won.

With just a wink, with just one kiss,
He stole away her heart.
The feelings there were fresh and true,
And it was just the start.

Whispers, nagging feelings, thoughts,
She knew were there to stay,
But she ignored her common sense
And gave her heart away.

Secret glances, quiet looks –
The word ‘us’ is what no one can know,
He’s there whenever she turns around,
Her heart’s smile beginning to show.

When she’d pass him in the hall-
Two strangers never met,
But late night walks and deepest talks,
They never will forget.

Love is patient, love is kind,
But timing it is tough.
And even though it was unknown,
The passion was enough.

Just as the sun must set on days,
Summer must end too.
And when the summer sun did set
The relationship was through.

He knew just how, just what to do,
Those things that made her laugh,
But now that happy little smile
Just tears his heart in half.

The die were cast, the pieces moved,
It could not be undone.
The game of love they’d played was over,
And neither of them won.

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