But we are hidden...

April 24, 2009
We hear the bomb's sound
Our cries are smothered.
Whispers are barely audible
as a building shatters.
but we are hidden

The crying little girl
who stands on the street corner
an oversized teddybear, her only companion
she is whisked away
by a man
quick and swift as dust in the wind.
but we are hidden

My eyes barely opened
Star of David fading
The sun sets and night begins.
another bomb in the distance
but we are hidden

Mothers with their children
holding so tight, their knuckles are turn white
sounds of doors being busted in
cracking of wood, broken tile
shouts in muffled German words
hurry and blow out that candle little one
but we are hidden

Eyes completely closed shut
our bodies huddled closely
my sound of breathing, so hot and heavy
scuffled feet and broken hope
we have been found.

Cold and empty eyes
stare like stone
a gun nozzle is lifted
metal gleaming
a woman moans.
I close my eyes and whisper silently
Oh sweet God, bring me home
finger against trigger and pull
by the grace of God, I'm gone.

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CaptainJenieve This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
May 8, 2009 at 8:18 pm
Shoot, in the line where it says, "...are turn white...", it's supposed to be, "..are white...".
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