Not The Real Me

April 26, 2009
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put up a mirror and battle your emotions well. be who you know your not to asure that he cant tell.your hurting inside and the feelings you hide boil up inside you. you love him like he thinks he loves her and the situation does nothing but defy you. he tells me drink that hater-aid but what choice do i have its show hate or break down everyday.what would happen if no one knew our secret. would he ahve satayed by my side in pure attempts to keep it love is that woaring emotions itching to flow twards him, but he doesnt want my all anymore. news flash hes done with you, but without him im at worlds end. but its my fault for allowing my heart which fell, so heres how my days go from now on. put up a mirrior and battle your emotions well. but maybe just maybe your hopeing that things will change and that he can tell.

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