April 16, 2009
By jordan faber BRONZE, Centraila, Washington
jordan faber BRONZE, Centraila, Washington
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Here but were, were but here you say my name you say what you want but do you ever think what your really saying deep down
Some people smile when they really want to cry some people laugh when they really want to die.
But why be so plastic so fake? Why be judged and mocked? Has that what our worlds come to?
So I’ll smile when I want to smile I’ll frown when I want to frown I’m not fake! I’m me and I’m alive.
We change for a boy for a girl. We change to fit in to be the same… But why, why not be you, be something new. Don’t change to what they see everyday show them something new show them the real you.
Dance in the rain sing in the shining sun. Show them what you can do. Lay in the sun look at the clouds and find things in them don’t be scared!
Show them who you are.
Your you and I’m me.
So yes were here and were there, and you can say my name all you want just remember
What I have said. and remeber thid ryme.

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