My Heart Beats: Math Math, Math Math

April 16, 2009
By jbarrog BRONZE, San Francisco, California
jbarrog BRONZE, San Francisco, California
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I want to be doing my math homework right now

Shiatsu massage my handy calculator

Pounding away its tense multiplication

Fantasize about the mysterious X

Double-date with his brother Vertex and my sister Radius

Tattoo his intersection point on the nape of my neck

Drive to Infinity Slope in his Rhom-bus and add, subtract,

Multiply, into a family of four,

Negative two and six

Live in a triangle with oval windows on every side

Square-root trees growing in our backyard

Happy parabolas would be graphed to my face because

I was his only coefficient

Together we’d watch our little variables

Grow into equations

Speaking in digits before they even became binomials

Take family photos and send them to the alphabet sisters and the reciprocal family

But even then our planes would not intersect

Parallel or not

They still aren’t perpendicular

And that equation even I can’t solve.

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