A Lost Soul

April 29, 2009
By AngelaRenee BRONZE, Milan, Ohio
AngelaRenee BRONZE, Milan, Ohio
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Who is that person there I see,
A stranger,yet, so close to me.
Somebody old, or somebody new,
Someone who stares and looks right through.
Is that person next to me, a shadow or perhaps a dream.
Do they wonder about me too, I hope and pray to god they do.
Can they see me as I really am, or only be fooled by my reflection.
Do you think they care about how I feel, maybe not, thats a broken seal.
But I have faith to get me through the night, without it I'd be a broken sight.
One day I'll tell them just how i feel, maybe then they'll know I'm real.

The author's comments:
When I wrote this poem, I was thinking about people who are confused about their feeling toward themselves. At the time I was picturing a girl who recently went through a really big change in appearance(for the good), looking into a bathroom mirror, staring at her old self and reciting this piece in her head.

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