To Be the Best

April 29, 2009
By Anonymous

To Be the Best

To be the best you’ve got to be smart
But to be the best you’ve got to have heart.
And without brawn you’re scrawny and weak
Friends? Don’t be caught hanging with a geek.

What if I don’t do what they do?
Then of course, I am called “un cool.”
Parties, oh yeah that’s great fun.
Getting drunk and acting dumb.

Of course there are drugs, “sweet let’s get high!”
But then, there go all your future dreams, “bye!”
Why can’t people just be the best they can be?
Not being “cool” but just being free.

And why do we get judged by the people we know?
High school friends, they come they go.
And having a boyfriend, such a big deal.
Why can’t people just love when the love is real.

What I think that people should see,
Is the inner beauty that lies within me.
Not by what I wear on my feet,
But to be the best by just being me.

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