April 29, 2009
By LoganAshlie BRONZE, Vernon, Connecticut
LoganAshlie BRONZE, Vernon, Connecticut
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Like the cries of our homeland,
scream out in pain.
Nothing more to lose,
and nothing left to gain.
Bombs keep on falling,
and the guns keep on firing,
Yet more soldiers still,
the US is finding.
The war still it rages,
8 years now, for what?
Losing siblings and parents?
Not that great of luck.
And though people speak out,
and say It's Not Ok,
The day the towers fell,
Nothing left to say.
As a mother's tears fall,
On her son's new found bed,
and though his eyes now cold, she knows,
He'd do it all again.
And all those people,
who scream out against war,
and all the blood that's been shed,
we don't need this anymore.
We were taught in school,
violence isn't right,
September 11th proved us wrong,
Because all we seem to do is fight.

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