The Beach

April 29, 2009
By Macy Thompson BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
Macy Thompson BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
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The beach! :D
As you get closer you can start to feel the cool breeze.
I love to look at the beautiful palm trees.

When I get there I can smell the salty ocean.
Before I get burned, I gotta put on my sun-tan lotion!

The sand is so hot it burns my feet.
I run all the way to the sea shore… man I’m beat!!

The water is as cold as ice,
But it’s so fun, and so nice!

I go lay in the steaming hot sun.
When I’m with my friends it’s SO much fun!

The time went by so fast,
But it was such a blast!

When it’s finally time to go… a seagull pooped on my head…
And that’s the ONE thing about the beach that I dread! 

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