Star Above

April 29, 2009
By XxJohnHxX GOLD, Wheaton, Minnesota
XxJohnHxX GOLD, Wheaton, Minnesota
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You’re like a star above.
You shine so bright, so full of love.
Even if there is bad weather,
I look up and still know your there.
You came to me on a dark cold night,
A glimmer at first,
then a great white light.
I smiled and thought to myself,
“what could it be?”
The answer was simple,
It was you, coming to me.
You here now, and I’m awed.
You must be an angel sent from god.
I look at you, with no words to say.
So I kneel down and begin to pray.
I ask god one favor
And that’s to keep you here with me, forever.

You’re like a star above.
An angel on earth,
And the one I love.
Out of all the millions, this one is mine.
And so it will be, till the end of time.
You dance in the night
And sparkle with pride.
You fear nothing
And hold nothing inside.
I know everything will be alright,
when I see your face in the stars every night.
You’re like a star above.

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