Some Great Advice

April 29, 2009
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Some Great Advice-Ra’Kell Conerly- Final
Sitting around while you go nowhere.
And chase your dream
Through the blue air

The world is filled with actress, doctors, and lawyers
That await you the joy it brings.
Get out and follow that dreams
Find what you are looking for
Through that door for you hold the key
To your destiny
Be who you want to be, live life free.
If you want that white collar job wear a pink collar.
Stand out
Instead of being the branch be the root.

Endure the struggles, as mother with her young
Enjoy the ride. Never back down
Hold you pride.
For you hold the key to your destiny
Be who you want to be, live life free.

Many people may try to bring you down
But, keep your head to the sky,
Like a bird fly high
Wear your crown, like a ruler of the world.
Let those people know
That you will never frown
For them,
It’s always good to see the flower not grow for cement
But, the ones who hate
And don’t participate,
Never get to appreciate,
The finer things
Like expensive clothes, cars and money
Do people hate?
What ever happened to the word?

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