It's a good day to be emo

April 29, 2009
It's raining
It's pouring
My old man
Is snoring
I have a goose egg on my head;

My mom is still working,
My sibling still searching,
and here I am, my head aching.

I've snatched up a knife,
You can see my scars for a price,
If you come too close I will kill you.
And I never even really knew you.

The clouds in the sky
Are hurting my eyes,
There's a flood warning on channel 5

Let's face the facts,
I'm wearing a sack
On my head and it's suffocating me
If I live after this,
will you promise me this;
A cannibal will never eat me;
Shove me in front of a bus,
I won't make that much of a fuss,
just kill me and get it over with
Boy it's a good day to be emo.

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