April 29, 2009
By cherkish18 GOLD, Wildwood, Florida
cherkish18 GOLD, Wildwood, Florida
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Relationships are easy to get into.
Relationships are hard without communication.
Relationships are the best and worst days of your life.
You never forget what happens, he tries his hardest to think on his feet.
But you're like an elephante. So it never works.
But when you keep lettin it go, he thinks he can get away with stuff.
You end up crying at night, and having friends hold you, trying to cheer you up.
It never works! Cause everytime you turn around, somebody just has to tell you who the saw him with,
And there goes the crying again
When will it ever change
Some say never. But in your heart you keep telling your self that it will get better.
To keep hanging in there.
So you do! Of course cause you think you can't live without him.
It gets a 'lil better.
But not much,
What s next him hitting you!
You say it will never happen
But it will if you let him
Never let your guard down
Covering up bases and lieing for him is always the worst.
What to do? What to do?
He says that he won't hit you
Do you believe him, or, not?
Aay you believe him. He doesn't hit you for a few months.
You think it is all over,
And it is cause he learned.
Or is it!
Years later you end up getting married to him.
You think he is the love of your life.
Then it starts and stops.
You never leave, cause you know you can change him.
You do! And now you're on top of the world!
You think you're in a fairy tale now.
Nothing has went wrong.
And now loving him 'till you die!


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