Glass Dreams

April 29, 2009
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I dreamt glass dreams through
Kaleidoscope eyes that
Color and contrast the sky
And the boundaries to it,
The dreams sparkled like
Stars in the midnight sky,
Like the far away galaxies
In my sleepy eyes,
(I kept you safe behind
The protection of my lashes,)
Dreams, strong and seducing
Like dark wine splashing in
Definite glass bottles,
Dreams, like glass ballerinas
Dancing on stage,
Like the sun shining through
Skylights, tears washing
Across the surface like rain
Drops down a window.

I dreamt glass dreams that pierced,
Blinded my eyes when they broke,
Tiny shards like the remains of
Beer bottles on the beach,
Scratching against bare feet.

I dreamt glass dreams of
Rose colored glasses and
Tinted windshields.

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