April 29, 2009
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When the sea was parting,
Waves crashing overhead,
My faith was in your hands.
When the mist of vapors rose,
Hit the golden dust,
My promise lay in the sands.

One day, we would return,
And you’d show me your magic,
Until then I’ll look for your face;
Look for your eyes in the stars,
Follow the clouds in the sky,
Till the day I’m blessed with your grace.

We fought against the tide,
It was stronger than our strength,
With one crash, it pushed us apart;
My lungs filled with liquid water,
Gasping more for you than for air,
This longing is still deep in my heart.

We stood in the pouring rain,
Felt the drops wash away our tears,
It was autumn, but the rain wasn’t cold,
I felt your fingers intertwine with mine,
Felt my lungs replace water with air,
I couldn’t drown this time, not in your hold.

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