feathers wires, and a net

April 28, 2009
By , Ottawa, Canada
Feathers,(peacock? Eagle?)
In a band.
A Shuttlecock.

Two sticks,
with enlarged,
Circular ends.
Fenced completely with
thin wiry string.
(The string
is attached to
100's of tiny

That, is a

The motive:
Keep the feathers,
In the air,
When they are on
your side of the net,
make them fall,
on the other side.

Smash it,
Bash it,
make it fly.
(Don't slash it)
Make it go
"tok TOk TOK"
"TOTt TOT tot."
(on a plastic
play it
"thot thOT THOT"
(On a rubber shuttlecock)

It's a game for 2,
For 4
(Not good if it's 10)
(on one net)

send it over,
Flick swish,
keep it in,
or the Someone,
on the other side,
will break a blood vessel.
(screaming "OUT!")

A net,
A shuttlecock,
A feather on the vent,
A bundle of wires.
THAT'S Badminton.

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