Race For the Finish

April 28, 2009
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Race For The Finish

The wind blows my hair across my face while waiting for the BANG!
My opponents stand next to me with a glance that’s as evil as the devil
I have my feet on the blocks ready to run
Nervous in the stomach, I held it tight while gagging ready to puke!!
When the man yelled out ready,
i gasped for air and stood up,
hesitating to move
BOOM!! The gun pointed up and the fans went crazy!
I started to run with all my power getting ready to BURST with agony!
Before I knew it I past the third girl,
then the second
I was first.
There was the finish line ready to get hit by the runners
My coach called out my name and started saying congrats hurray!
I was first and I was proud

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