April 28, 2009
By asdfe BRONZE, Ottawa, Other
asdfe BRONZE, Ottawa, Other
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There was one before the last who better did her task

But her words sting hard and I rid of her fast

The second had a jeep-every day it beeped!
The noise was too deep- they went off with a weep

The third had a bat-a black mangled brat
Who got all the fat-not me, I saw that

The fourth came in May-she sang night and day
It sounded like a neigh-a pity I say

The fifth loved to talk-more than he thought
With him I couldn’t cope- I bound the fellow in rope

The sixth landed late-her plane missed a gate
She waited till she was paid-then walked off with a gait

The seventh wanted to sigh- said the end was nigh
I asked him why- heard my head was too high

The eighth made me rye- which tasted like dye
It almost made me die-with his last pay she now gets by

The ninth lived in a dream- it made my head just steam
We never made a good team-though I admired the fellows’ esteem

The last was a blow- I believe her my foe
We made our hearts row-no regrets, I let her go

From all my governors-one thing I learned
A man may get old-but what’s all this fuss?

Indeed, why make a mess?

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