April 28, 2009
By Brandon.G BRONZE, Fontana, California
Brandon.G BRONZE, Fontana, California
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Every time I make a mistake I grow from it. Everything I'm at Fault I Thrive For Forgiveness
Why do I devote myself to someone when it all crumbles down to nothing ?
I make regrets for myself but for reasons I'll never know why...should I be given remorse or a sense of relief
Why do I let myself fall? Why do I let myself go?
I spend my time with them for romance, excitement, and passion only to depart from them, with a clear false sense of value
Why Take The Time? Why Spend It? Why Love Them?
Life Is Visible Now. And My Eyes Are Letting The Light Of Dawns Flourish Through
Why Say Your In Love With Them When You Don't Even Know What Love Feels Like?
I Realize Now That Love Is Nothing More And Nothing Less Than A False Sense Of Emotion
Why Did I..Why Do We..Claim This ?
I've Said Only Twice That I've Loved Another
Do I regret this?
Now With My Renewed Vision I Carry Myself Stronger, I Don't Let Myself Fall Down, I'm Detached From This Emotion
Now I Know What Love Is.
Now I Know Where Love Is.
Now I Know When Love Is.
Love Is A Cloud Of Emotion Lingering Within People, Whether False, True, Deep, Or Shallow.
Love Is Something Which Lasts Forever
Love Is Something Which Never Stops
Love Is Something Eternal
How Could I Have Been In Love With You? When Our Love Died Away...
My Love For You Was Nothing More Than A False Sense Of Emotion. Nothing More And Nothing Less.
I Want To Feel The Rarity Of True Love, I Want To Grasp It, I Just Want To Experience It.
Now I Know The Darker Truth Of Love.
You May Only Have This Maybe Once In Your Lifetime.
I Regret Saying That I Was In Love, For It Was Nothing More Than A Lie
I Regret Lieing To That Other, For I Only Gave Them False Hope
Time Is Continuious But Meaniningful
Love Is Mixed But Meaningless
As Time Progresses I Wish For My Love To Be True. Until Then I Must Wait...

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