April 28, 2009
By noeldog BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
noeldog BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"above all things, if kindness is your king, then heaven will be yours before you reach your end" -dmb

Changes keep us running, swirling and twirling,
Creating echoes of ourselves.
We hear them calling,
But can’t stop from falling at
The worst of times.

Bells chime.
Not of church or dinner,
But wind.
Time to take a leap of faith and

Wings flap as gulls ceremoniously take flight.
Rowboats constructed from bamboo,
Floating down the river,
Through strands of weeping willow’s hair,
Waves are iridescent and calm as the bright blue sky,
Fish swim beneath the invisible barrier separating life and death.

Evening gives way to nightfall.
The bright sun recedes, among a spectrum of colors,
Into its home behind a mountain or
Under the sea.
Light once shed transforms to a dim shade,
Running along the cracks and ridges of the
Broken shoreline.

Sitting, wondering and dreaming
Of our lives to this day and
What they will become.
Reminisce, then
Breathe, look at the stars.
Those ever-glowing crystals in the dark, radiant sky.
The moonshine is as uplifting
As a baby’s first smile.
All is well.
And dream of times to come.

Now here we will rest in peace.

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