Remember Me Forever

April 28, 2009
By Anonymous

why must things
change so much
and so quickly
it feels as if it were just
when you and I were in first grade
playing together
in the sand and the tanbark

it is so different
to you it is like
I don’t even exist anymore
we walk past each other
in the hallways
you with your friends
and me with mine
and you would glare at me
when I try feebly to
say hello

I don’t understand it
you said we were
best friends
you said,
“best friends forever,
I promise”
and to me
you are still my best friend

but then a new year came around
and you hurt me
with your harsh words
when you said
we couldn’t be friends

and even though
you might ignore me
day after day
don’t forget
that we were once
with each other’s company
and please remember me forever

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