In Need

April 28, 2009
By Italia_H SILVER, Portland, Oregon
Italia_H SILVER, Portland, Oregon
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I am in need of freedom.
I hope for shoes to walk in.
I know I will not get them.
I dish the last of the food into starving mouths.
I find no hope in what life has.
I look for help.
I know there is none.
I try helping those I can.
I can’t help everyone.
I am in need of freedom.
I know if I was blessed with freedom,
I would bless someone else.
I find that I am no longer walking.
I am crawling.
I see my hands, dirty and worn.
I see pain and sadness.
I find death.
I try to move past the fear.
I look to see what I have.
I have dirty hands.
I am walking on my knees.
I know I cannot see the sweet sky.
I know there is no reason to want to.
I only miss the birds.
I loved their sound.
I know longer hear them.
I hear the sounds of cars.
I am in need of freedom.
I take a chance.
I try making peace with those I have contact with.
I wish for peace.
I know my heart will have none.
I know the world will accept none.
I try to wash away the sadness of the world.
I see no relief.
I only find sin.
I am lost.
I see your steps taking my path.
I am no longer accepting pain.
I am numb.
I try to lose myself in a roaring river.
I sit on the carved earth trying to feel.
I do not feel the river crushing me.
I feel nothing.
I know I hold sadness in my skin.
I find doubt in every line of my hand.
I see confusion in your steps.
I touch cruelty every day; it is in everyone’s bones.
The world is in need of freedom.

The author's comments:
Try walking on your knees for a day. Find where your heart lies.

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