Simile Poems

April 28, 2009
By Anonymous

Simile Poems :)

Sasperilla Sloof Lirpa
Her face is like a melon- round and rough. Her smile is like a dust bunny- light and unkind. Her arms are like flags- flapping in the wind. Her hands are like grassblades- sharp and crawly. Her legs are like chopsticks- long and thin. Her fingers are like cockroaches- crawling away. Her heart is like a black hole- sucking you in. Her stare is like ice- freezing you there. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard- screeching and breaking. Her laugh is like chimes- smashing in the wind.

Jumping Jalapenos :P
I'm hyper like a kangaroo.
I ate a cookie in some stew.
I'm psyco like a trapese artist.
If I fell; well you get the gist.
I'm strong like a kangaroo.
Don't make me mad; or you'll hurt worse than I do!
I'm daring like a trapese artist.
I hold this umbrella; we dance with Cinderella.
I'm timid like a kangaroo. I'm quiet and fast but if I break, I'll need a cast.
I'm skillful like a trapese artist. I do a flip, get caught again; I hope I don't trip.
I'm unfortunate like a kangaroo. If I'm caught I'll get hurt and put in a zoo.
I'm flexible like a trapese artist. I'll be fast and do some flips.

The author's comments:
These were hilarious to write!

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