My Everything

April 28, 2009
By Kelly Christiansen BRONZE, Kenner, Louisiana
Kelly Christiansen BRONZE, Kenner, Louisiana
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He is my all, he is my everything,

I almost lost him once, but that was just a fling.

He made some mistakes, but I have made some too,

It may be complicated, but I know our love is true.

For a while we tried to see life in our separate ways,

Though soon we realized these were the worst of our days.

We cried and we cried, till the tears were no more,

And finally we realized what we had lost before.

We had lost each other for a little while,

But once we realized this all we could do was smile.

Our tickle contests, our late night talks,

Our nicknames, and hand in hand walks.

All these memories reminded us of when,

We were together and everything was perfect again.

Many don’t approve of our complicated lifestyle,

But that doesn’t stop us cause our love goes on for miles.

He knows the song in my heart, and sings it when I have seemed to forget,

I hope one day he can see how much he has changed me since we met.

He has given me the confidence I need in life,

Because of him I know I can get through any strife.

We love each other and that’s as simple as it gets,

He is my everything and that is one thing I will never forget.

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