A Place to Escape

April 28, 2009
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My ideal place to escape from all that is hectic
My life that is full of pressures
Coming some from within, and others from outside
From a life where pressures have transformed me into a new person
A person who can’t write freely without worrying about a blazon
A place where I would question writing even this poem honestly

I am there feeling free
I write for me
I write to express
I write not to impress
I write to think
I write not for a one thousand count blink
I write to reflect
On things that others may not detect

I can sit and relax or play and go crazy
But either way I do it to enjoy life and capture every moment

You may wonder the whereabouts of this magical setting
It was born on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica
Where I was alone with my thoughts and had time to discover
I thought it was an escape- away from my stress life that awaited my return
But little did I know I could take it with me wherever I go

It is naïve to think that I can turn my life around and enter this world forever
However, after being exposed to this bliss at least I know it exists
So that when time allows, I can escape wherever I am and enter this fantasy
Maybe it will even become my reality
But if not, at least I will take away the value of living in every moment
As though it were my last

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