A Conversation with God

April 28, 2009
In my bed one day,
I sat and I thought,
and I started to pray.

“Oh dear God, why
is there so much pain?
Let evil die.
Give the hungry grain.

Cure all the ill,
heal families who hurt,
give the hopeless will.
Please God, be more alert!”

Little did I know,
soon I’d make a choice
because of the flow
in God’s righteous voice.

“How can you ask me
to be more alert,
if when I give you a key
you thrust it in the dirt?”

From my bed I rose,
Was this a trick?
My body froze
And my stomach felt sick.

“When I gave you food,
the greedy wouldn’t share.
They refuse to include
the poor, in their prayer.

I used miracles to cure
and you people perceived,
them as science for sure.
Nobody believed.

You cut down my trees,
to make paper money,
I gave you bees,
you took their honey.

I gave you teachers,
in order to aid,
I also gave preachers.
They are underpaid.

I hear your prayer,
You want a solution.
But I gave clean air,
And you brought pollution.”

I dropped to my knees,
and could clearly see.
I begged God please,
please, please forgive me.

“We are self-destructive,
so today I pray
we become productive.
Please God just stay.

Help us, Lord, to use
what you give us, and
open our eyes to the tools
right in front of us.

Thy will be done,
or thy kingdom won’t come.
I have begun
I will not succumb.

I’ll use my gift,
make the world my home,
distribute God’s message,
starting with this poem.

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