Acquainted with Loneliness

April 28, 2009
By Anonymous

I have been one acquainted with loneliness.
Different from solitude,
Too much time to sit and wait,
There is only so much that entertains.

Without brother and sister
No one to blame, to talk to, to play with, to accompany
I yearn for another soul
Just to be around.

I look for replacements,
Friends, pets, hobbies
But it’s not the same.
In the quiet dead of night,
There is no one.

I despise the silence in my house.
Possibilities of what could be true,
Only makes the pain increase.

No one understands
This feeling of living in a world of shadows,
People almost there, but not really existing
No one can relate.

Talking to blank, white walls,
No other voices around,
Just one voice distinct and alone.

Tears fill a pool in my eyes.
Hopelessness weighs my body down.
I have been one acquainted with loneliness.

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