The Only One

April 28, 2009
By Anonymous

Here goes another cliché, to say you’re not the only one
The only one who’s made a plan to break away and run
Only to discover that you’re not sure where to go
Because there’s so much to be cautious of, so much you just don’t know.

Not the only one who must have shed more tears of pain than laughter
It’s not just you who’s tried to shake beliefs of ‘happy ever after’
Who’s tried to make dreams smaller so they seem a bit more ‘real’
Who’s often so unsure of just how to think or feel

You’re not the only one who’s told yourself this isn’t love
Still hesitant about the promise of another life above
Still questioning the road you’re on asking where you’ll turn to next
Managing to mix between ecstatic, lonely, vexed

You’re not the only one to think that nobody’s felt worse
R.E.M were right, you know, ’cause everybody hurts
Your beauty is so radiant yet you’re convinced that you’ve got none
You’re not the only one to think that you’re the only one.

The author's comments:
Hopefully just a piece you can relate to on some level :)

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