April 28, 2009
By JKace GOLD, South Amboy, New Jersey
JKace GOLD, South Amboy, New Jersey
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There is no sunshine
Just clouds of grey
A flooding rain
Loud bangs
No light
I’m left without might
For me to even dream
Of something more

And there is no pot of gold
At the rainbow’s end
And the grass is not greener
On the other land
I can’t find the guiding light
In the darkened tunnel
Nor a silver lining
On that clouds inside
So I’ll give up
To even try

Why reach for the stars
When I just fall hard
Why make that wish
When it won’t come true
Why look to tomorrow
When it’s just as dreary
Why hope
When there is nothing
I can do

So I’m done dreaming
And I’m done wishing
I won’t try anymore
Won’t look for the good
Since all is bad
There is no change coming
There is no hope
Just anxiety
Just despair

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